Top 5 Yoga Poses To Increase Breast Size

According to research, almost all women are conscious about their breasts size. There are few women who are really satisfied with their bust size. Some want to increase their bust size, while others try hard to reduce the size. Women with small breasts suffer from inferiority complex for not having curvaceous big breasts. They go to any extent to achieve fuller bust. That is why, today so many creams, gels, oils and treatments are available to increase breast….Readmore


5 Variations Of The Body-Weight Squat

If you had to choose just one exercise to help clients improve strength, power and core stability all in one move, you’d probably choose the squat. That’s why many consider the squat to be the king of all exercise moves. In addition to working the quadriceps, a proper squat recruits muscle fibers from the hamstrings and glutes. It also forces the core to engage and the upper body to stabilize, making it a nearly total-body exercise.

There are numerous variations of the basic squat, which you can use with your clients to recruit different muscles and help stave off boredom. In addition to the basic body-weight squat, here are five squat variations to add to your exercise arsenal.


Before trying variations of the squat, help your clients master this exercise using only their own body weight…..Readmore

Breathing Techniques for Stomach Exercises

Learning to breathe properly during exercise can mean the difference between an invigorating workout and one that leaves you fatigued and breathless. When doing abdominal exercises like crunches or planks, the right breathing technique can enhance the workout so you get the most out of every second of exertion. By practicing the correct breathing techniques on your own and knowing when to inhale and exhale, you can pair proper breathing with your fitness efforts for the best possible results….Readmore